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brazed carbide

Brazed Carbide

Brazed Carbide works using a solid steel body and carbide tip; the steel drives, while the carbide tip slices with ultimate precision. For high accuracy jobs, the carbide brazed tool remains the ultimate solution. Aside from its strength, brazed carbide provides a cheaper alternative to solid carbide which is more durable, and less prone to snapping.

The benefits of working with brazed carbide tipped tools are many. For example; with carbide tipped drills, higher feeds and speeds are achievable. Also, tools will maintain size and are more durable to wear and tear. Moreover, cutting edges are more resistant to high-temperature machining.

Key Benefits: Providing precision cutting, incredible strength, fewer breakages and all at a great price - brazed carbide offers value and quality in equal measure.
brazed carbide

Solid Carbide

Solid carbide – also known as tungsten-carbide cobalt, is an excellent option for process security, manufacturing cost-effectiveness and high-grade hole quality. This material is a metal matrix composite; tungsten carbide particles make up the aggregate, and metallic cobalt works as the cast.

One of the key benefits of tungsten carbide is its strength. Touted as six times stronger than titanium; this metal is durable, reliable and dynamic. Due to its malleability; tungsten carbide lends itself to all manner of shapes and finishes. Furthermore, given the superb cutting power of this metal, tungsten carbide endmills are highly popular. Moreover, tungsten carbide drill bits cut through a multitude of materials, while holding their edge to maintain pinpoint accuracy.

Key Benefits: Offering strength, malleability and superb cutting abilities; solid carbide tools cut through a myriad of materials while maintaining a razor-sharp edge.
brazed carbide

High-Speed Steel

High-speed steel (HSS or HS) - a class of high alloy steels - are capable of withstanding higher temperatures without losing temper. Viewed as a superior product; HSS's thermal advantage enables the steel to cut faster than high carbon steel - from where it earned its name.

High-speed steel has many benefits; high-speed grades offer extraordinary solidity at temperatures reaching 500°C, they also boast tremendous wear resistance. Due to its heat resistance and endurance capabilities, it is employed heavily in the manufacture of drill bits. Also, thanks to the intrinsic strength of HSS, tool manufacturers can produce incredibly sharp cutting edges, making for optimum power-saw blades

Key Benefits: Capable of enduring higher temperatures, allowing high-speed cutting for superior accuracy while offering optimum wear resistance and incredible strength.
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